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My quilt came today and I am almost beyond words!!!!!!!!!!! (and my husband would tell you how rare that is!) It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about cried when I saw it. It is just exquisite!!!!! The colors are beautiful and the way you put them together was perfect! I am honored to have this quilt and I will treasure it for all of my life. I will use it until I am an old granny! At that point, when it is all frayed and loved, I will still have it sitting on my couch or at the foot of my bed and I will love it. Thank you! - Greenlee

The quilt is beautiful!!! My sister loved the it! She thanked me a million times this weekend and then called me Monday morning to thank me again! She made sure I had your contact info saved-----her polite way of saying that if she ever has another baby she wants another one. - Jen

We received the quilt and blanket today, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is! That quilt and the extra little lovey blanket were such a major pick-me-up they brought me to tears (in a good way!) I'll definitely be recommending you to everyone on the planet! - Amy

Oh my gosh, the quilt is so beautiful!! You did an awesome job on it. We just love it!! We are going to cherish the quilt forever. - Vicki

The quilt is perfect. I love it. It is exactly what we were looking for...boyish, but soft. I love the little stitching, looks like footprints. You're awesome! If you EVER need a recommendation, I would give you one in a heartbeat. Thanks again for working so hard to get it to me so quickly. This is a keepsake, first Christmas gift. We'll have it forever. - Heidi

And this one is from my best friend, so maybe she’s a little biased…

Anyone would be lucky to have a SunRay Quilt. Each of my boys were blessed to be given one at birth and have used them as their comfort & security blankies everyday since. It is a testimony to not only the beautiful design but the quality of the piecework, that they have not even shown signs of wear after years of washes and several kid "accidents". I personally know that each seam and fabric choice comes from the heart with SunRay quilts and I believe that is why all the quilts bring comfort, joy and warmth to whoever they are given too ...You will truly receive a work of art when you purchase a quilt from SunRay Quilts. - Michelle