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"You will truly receive a work of art when you purchase a quilt from Honoré LaFlamme."

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I welcome your custom order. Email me and we will talk! I generally require a 50% deposit, and the remainder on completion.

Custom orders generally take about one month for a quilt - but I can get it done in as little as a week. Just let me know how fast you need it when you request a quote.

With a custom order, my first step is to find out what colors you want the quilt in. Somtimes people email me a picture of the room to give me ideas, or a link to the room theme for a child's quilt. Then, I find fabric that matches, and I email you a picture of the fabric to see if that's what you would like. Once that is done, I put together the top of the quilt and email you a picture of that for approval before I complete the quilt.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed... if you are not satisfied, we will work together to make it right.

Approximate Prices… depending on complexity, fabric selection, and my mood of the day.

Crib size (roughly 36x45) $100
Toddler size (45x55) $150
Twin size $300
Queen Size $400
King Size $550